Louis Tomlinson judge at X Factor

Louis Tomlinson judge at X Factor.
Yes you read it well, Louis Tomlinson is gonna be in the
jury in the upcoming season of The X Factor as was
announced yesterday July 17. Interesting is that Louis
comes to the judging panel after 8 seasons when his
career skyrocketed after being a contestant at the same show.

Fans were a little bit concerned about Louis Tomlinson
being part of the judging panel cause he has an album
to release, his debut solo album and judging well takes
up a lot of time. The singer calmed the fans, and reassured
them that the music and album si still his number one

“I just want everyone to not worry too much about the
album. I mean, as I said today in the press conference,
the album is still definitely my priority,” “It doesn’t
change release time or anything like that, me doing
the show.”
“I just thought, I’ve come from the show. It made a
lot of sense for me to go on and I’ve always been
really interested in mentoring,” “It’s something
that’s been on my mind for a number of years now and
as soon as I got the assurance that it wasn’t going
to affect any of my music–actually, it was going to
help it–then I could start seriously thinking about it.”

Louis Tomlinson judge at X Factor
Louis Tomlinson judge at X Factor