Love – Dream on Dreamer lyrics

Lyrics Love – Dream on Dreamer

Love lyrics
I saw our world begin to change
I felt you chasing me away
I wanna know why can’t it just be the way it always was
and it hurts to say that we don’t mean a thing

Can’t you see
There’s cutting us open again
Let it bleed
I know you love the way it feeds the flames
Can’t you see
We’re driving in slow motion for the edge
Take a breath
We don’t want anything else

The truth is this is hard enough to say
Without you getting up and walking away
So sit there as I say what I have to say
I noticed, darling our love has changed

I saw our hearts begin to break
I know you struggle with the pain
I wanna know how can we just think that it can be this way
And it hurts to know that nothing stays the same
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Love - Dream on Dreamer
Love - Dream on Dreamer