Lucky you freestyle – Tory Lanez lyrics

Lyrics Lucky you freestyle – Tory Lanez

Lucky you freestyle lyrics
I got a million flows
I can go sillly with those
I gotta pocket rocket down to
Cock and chop and pop a n***a that really impose
Niggas that’s wit me
Is villans In hoodies that lost all they good and they feelings on road
It’s so appealing the feeling of killing a n***a that pose Get milly vanillied with those
Turn a beef plate to a cheese stake
B***h I be really in philly with those
Neck rocky as a blizzard a n***a flex gotten bigger my wrist is so chilly it froze
Really I’m colder than Eva my niggas going for what ever
Niggas gripped up
5th tucked in the snow storm or the weather
Sand storm or the dessert
Hand drawn on a dessy
Leave his whole body bloody like shorty done put in her tampon on already
Shooting with a vietnam cannon out the peter arm on the levy
See the charms on alredy
We go to jail , s**t a be fine we’ll meet up with friends
Cause all of our mans gone already
Nigada nigda ima do a 3 in week
I gave the Jeep a receipt
Either the double R stitching it’s that or the Bentley B in the seat
I got my D ina freak
I gotta be in repeat
She wanna eat every morning
I treat it like porridge and gave her the cream of the wheat
And I rock it like P and a B
I don’t cop it less it’s Louie Gucci
On the pocket or even a D and a G cause the way that the money piling
I’ll be wilding till a n***a makin a b in a week
F**k niggas hating on me but I’m Gary Payton always on the team with the green
With a money counter
Cause when I’m accounting
It be money coming in and coming out it
Paper cut da money dummy n***a I been thumbing out It , trying not to run up out it ina fist fight with a knife n***a brought a gun up out it
Don’t you run up out it
Hit a n***a with a mini Mack
Is he really dat bad that i gotta hit him with a bigger gat mattafact riddle me that
I’m litterly at the spot that he said he’d be at
But where is he at
Like really N***a is u really telling me that
Like I ain’t prepared to hit em with a felony act
Like What u thought I never react
Have a n***a looking like he tryna fight mario when a n***a put a hole shell in his back f**k niggas yelling it back
Niggas get high and start hating on a real n***a it’s like n***a smoking on jealousy pack

But I got the remedy
I got the shooters with hidden identities
F**k who u Send at me
I got a stack on me long as a ruler and centipede I got that Geneve
I got the energy
I got the money power and enemies
I goto business
I’m asking these niggas for 60 percent of the entity
No one defending me
Niggas is talking
But no one offending me
Niggas know what the result of the end a be
Niggas won’t know how to find where they men a b
Ima way different n***a on Hennessy
I got the recipe
None of y’all niggas sit next to me
Guard where your head and ya chess a be
No I’m not mya but you get the best of me
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Lucky you freestyle - Tory Lanez
Lucky you freestyle - Tory Lanez