Mean a*s drunk – Watsky lyrics

Lyrics Mean a*s drunk – Watsky

Mean a*s drunk lyrics
We’re summoning spirits
We’re tearing the label
We’re clearer than vodka
Don’t bottle it up, don’t bottle it up

Has anybody told you you’re a mean a*s drunk?
Has anybody told you you’re a mean a*s drunk?
Has anybody told you you’re a mean a*s drunk?
Oh no
Oh s**t
Oh no
Oh s**t

You say it’s your thing to be honest
Like it’s kind of this token of pride
Well to be honest, you’re kind of a goddess
But being with you kind of kills me inside
You want me to explain it?
We’ll, it’s sorta of this look in your eye
Like you’re cooking an egg on the hood of a car cause you looked at it hard
But my heart is the egg and you’re watching it fry
I’m not gonna cry. I’m not gonna lie, I am gonna cry (but not right here!)
Gimme like a minute lemme get up in my feelings while I pop my beer
S**t is getting muddy and I’m seeking out a buddy
at the bottom of the bottle but it’s not quite clear
What you expect from me
When you’re disrespecting me

Wanna treat me like a dog on a leash?
That’s your prerogative, sheesh
But if she wanna see what we got
when the saga repeats: nada, capish?
I’m not a complete wretch
I fetch, I sit at bit
but I’m not gonna stay
And if you wanna see me, you can see my feets
and my cute little cheeks when I’m walking away
You can see me sitting on the dock of the bay
You can see me licking on my crotch like a stray
But if you gotta see me like a prop in play
Gotta say, I’ll be skipping what you got for today
And maybe you’ll be thinking that I’m hot in the head
or I’m sick and picking and at my chicken pox in the bed
You can think what you like
I think I’ll take a hike

Oh no, oh s**t, oh no, oh s**t
It’s just one small complaint
I know I am no saint
Oh no, oh s**t, oh no, oh s**t
I think we’re old enough to know what we ain’t
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Mean ass drunk - Watsky
Mean ass drunk - Watsky