Middle child – Upchurch lyrics

Lyrics Middle child – Upchurch

Middle child lyrics
Last year was amazin’, this year is greatness
My skills on the radi’ is shakin’ on pavement
I ain’t gonna pick up these stereotypics
Just handin’ you bars like relays in Olympics
It’s on, no miscommunication
‘Cause we can all kick it like we on vacation
The level I’m on is a new realization
So I’m in a studio down in my basement
Story time, grab the marijuana and the pickled sausage
Hotter than the cajun supper in the middle of the summer
Here’s a plastic cup full of warm hot water
No steam on me, boy, I’m sittin’ in the sauna
Yeah, I came in the game lookin’ just like this
No hot promoter to come and pop my s**t
He said “Hold it, hold it, you wanna sing or rap?”
I said “I ain’t gonna choose between two and ain’t gonna”
That’s a one up, you ain’t gonna wanna
‘Cause I get to clappin’ like an encore
Ain’t about to happen motherfucker
Guitar smashin’ activist, trashed out in the theater
Classes ain’t even practicin’
Why’s everybody laughin’ like an SNL skit
On the late night channel 1 everybody missed?
Is that the game struttin’ me right now dog?
Do you smell that s**t? Yup, hip hop body missed
Mmm, dry heat and dry heaves
I control the climate and the climax
I look good on an 8k
Even in a dark V8 or on a motherfuckin’ IMAX
Motion picture, smoke the Swisher, potent thriller
I am in the fuckin’ ocean mister
Boats and h**s is lookin’ like the only business
Good thing I’m on land and I don’t need bitches
We can go toe to toe tell your homie yell “WorldStar”
[?] crop your head on a dot com
So mayonnaise turtle neck made of Teflon
Bates Motel I got a bed you can sleep on
Diced up settin’ in the bottom of a bathtub
I tend to grab the battery acid when rappers act up
Ask No Life Shaq he’ll say “That’s tough”
And he does have 600k subs
Man all these rap stars
Man all these rap charts
Everybody a bullseye for me
I stay drunk, where the damn darts?
So bullseye, bullseye, move guy

Ayy, bullseye again
Michael Jordan dunkin’ over everybody
Like Muggsy blockin’ when he slams it in
So universal got the aliens partyin’
Drunk drivin’ chromed out UFO’s
Ran it into Pluto and that’s a comeback
Like actually it’s considered a moon
Elon Muscadine Wine, dinner plate full of artists
Cut them open, bite the heart like an interstellar Chupacabra
Pinche me huevos you pendejo
A broken a*s sink couldn’t match my flow
Put a fork in the beat like a Rachel Ray show
Serve hella great food if the entree’s dope
My nickname should be the fuckin’ Irish Springs
I got clean bars in my dirty mouth, so
I got mud on my Vans bro
89 gas in my Ford Bronco
Too much money in rims, truck lookin’ like s**t
But my buddy stay fuckin’ out the window yellin’ “Westside ho”
And now that I got that out of the way
There is some stuff that I do wanna say
One is I love you and the other one thanks
Didn’t get this far without y’all as a fanbase
Y’all my world, just look at my face
I’m crackin’ this smile because you know my pace
You know that I typed this in 45 minutes
‘Cause I was all hyped up on birthday cake
I’m 28 now, 27 won’t square up
The curse of the old me don’t want none of the new one
Hard a*s cracker, naw tough lil’ crouton
Could be a toilet still not get pooped on
Do you like R. Kelly, you’re in my lane
You’re down there so, how’s my pee taste
My voice addictin’ these songs are freebase
Stab a straw in your brain, overdose on soundwaves
Sound the alarm again on some nuclear bomb s**t
Click a YouTube button when I’m sick of the nonsense
“Duke Nukem” had a hater lookin’ unresponsive
Just know that I don’t have a hip hop conscious

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Middle child - Upchurch
Middle child - Upchurch