Miley Cyrus shouts out Shine song – healing anthem

Miley Cyrus shouts out Shine song. Miley Cyrus proudly shouts
out Parklang-Penned healing anthem called Shine. After surviving
the Parkland, Florida Stoneman Douglas High School shooting,
two students, Andrea Pena & Sawyer Garrity wrote a song. The
song name is Shine and soon became the healing anthem, after
the shooting that left 17 dead students.

The two performed the song at Cnn’s gun control town hall
on 22 February, a week after the shooting. Today March 16
the song received a huge boosting thanks to Miley Cyrus, who
shouted on Twitter the newly released studio version.
This is the text she shared: “Please support the powerful
message of change, unity and healing from student survivors
of the #StonemanDouglas shooting,” she tweeted. “Listen
to their song #SHINE … & be a part of the movement
to help end gun violence!” It’s good to see that artists
support the non-violence life and anti-gun manifests, this
week Fall Out Boy announced an anti gun violence benefit
concert, later this month.
The proceeds for the Shine song will go to SHineMSD, a student-led
nonprofit organization that benefits the victims, their families
and other who got affected. So let’s share this video below
on our walls t o help those who got affected by gun violence!

Miley Cyrus shouts out Shine song
Miley Cyrus shouts out Shine song