Molly – NLE Choppa lyrics

Lyrics Molly – NLE Choppa

Molly lyrics
The way I’m feeling, I’ve been feeling like a star
Need to slow down on them drugs, keep popping these bars
I got about 4 cars up in the garage
And I can’t even drive, but them bitches push start

[Verse 1]
Ay, bitches straight, backpack
Choppa bullets, rat-a-tat
Bad yellow b***h eating d**k like a rap snack
Her p***y on me, back that
You know imma’ hit that
She said she never had a orgasm, imma’ fix that
B***h I’m married to the game, I won’t ever get a prima
My b***h she playing with my balls, call her Serena
I be beating the p***y up, just like Ike did Tina
She turned my d**k white, cause that b***h was a creamerrr

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