Momentum – Russ lyrics

Lyrics Momentum – Russ

Momentum lyrics
Don’t compare me to employees who hopin they see a check
I’m in a drop top mclaren just hopin I see an ex
She hopin we reconnect
No chance
I’m tryna be bigger than the Beatles not hold hands
Keep on throwing stones Imma make statues
No face tats but people got my face tattooed
Freeing the damned
By being free as I am
And speaking belief into people sittin with reason to stand
Who just might be needing a hand
I got you
9th wonder blessed provided the gospel
I feel god like
My fans all feel like apostles
Model your mind after mine and you gon be just find
Model your mind off these other guys and you gon die
That’s why I’m always at the head of the table follow my lead
Imma money tree women tryna swallow my seed
You wasn’t with me at my roots tho
I’ve been on a quest for love for women with a roots fro
And potential like a juco
Athlete catch me in the backseat with a*s cheeks on my lap we in Utah so we f**k to a jazz beat
It’s actually therapeutic
She classy I’m Ferris bueller
Swimming out in Turks and Caicos be ware of the barracudas
I got heart
I’m the cause my life is just the effect
I’m altering my reality living in VFX
Made a half million dollars then fell asleep on the jet F**k the club up Atlanta ain’t seen this since BMF
Told my accountant reinvest
Gotta pound of weed for stress
I might drop two platinum albums in a year like DMX
Keep on living in my light
And let my faith just lead the way
Cuz if I’m taking yalls advice
I’m probably making y’all’s mistakes
Instead I’m out in Egypt
Just baskin in the results
Of listening to myself and mappin out all my goals
My career is a course in self confidence
And how ownership leads to opulence
Adjust your oculus
If you tryna rise to prominence
Bust down the door assert dominance
When you call your first conference
I’m honest with my women
That’s probably why they all hate me
They focused on bein Lori I’m focused on bein jay z
The run that I’m on is gonna be longer than the Euphrates
Gotta super model chick that’s badder than tom Brady’s
Rap game bunch of clowns in disguise like John gacy
You got one plaque and it’s not even your song I got 80
Lately y’all are lazy
Waitin to be carried
Lotta y’all are dead you just waitin to be buried
I’ve been hot since Michelle and Barack
You out your mind if you think I’m gon stop

I didn’t come this far to only come this far
I gotta keep momentum swingin’ keep momentum swingin’
I didn’t come this far to only come this far
I gotta keep momentum swingin’ keep momentum swingin’

Conversation alone in the mirror
I told myself before the year up (Before this year over)
I’d be another homeowner and another millionaire (Facts)
My life crazy but I’m way too busy to tear up (Too busy)
Just please keep them broke vibes from near us (Walk away from me)
We different I’m not the one to converse
By the time you mumble your verse
I’ll be in top five company comfortably gunnin’ for first (First)
If it’s rap or either trap one gon’ come with some perks
The other come with a six foot hole dug in the earth
Look I know how them numbers lookin’ I don’t gotta check stats (I don’t do that)
The p***y good but I’ll still never text back
Being unsigned ain’t never changed my potential
With every wave of a pencil a n***a gained a momentum
Wanna walk in my shoes but I’m not trading my Christians for Crocs (Never)
But lil’ rap niggas only cravin’ attention
It’s funny when you high (Funny uh) but it’s ugly when you not
Everybody doubt then suddenly you pop (Pop)
Niggas signin’ 360’s and hope it do something for their stock
But I turned on more money than I got and that’s a lot
Had patience and it helped I remember thinkin’ “Make it big”
Then decorate the crib with paintings of myself
‘Cause that who I owe (That’s who)
You gotta give yourself credit they definitely won’t (They won’t give you s**t)
You won’t hear this flow so often so treasure these quotes
[?] cheddar we know enough plugs with bricks
That I’d probably never be broke
I’m used to not gettin’ sleep that’s a twenty-four-hour business
Exercisin’ my brain like twenty-four-hour fitness
Haters look at my jewels get the feel of resentment
Feelin’ like I’m ‘posed to buy their friendship (What?)
I remember sellin’ merch dolo mailin’ my own shipment (Dolo)
Now I’m on y’all h**s thinks it’s Christmas am I the one trippin’? (Me?)
Even if you think you this nice it’s gon’ be hard try to match my ambition
I’m goin’ on a rampage handguns and champagne
House need a damn maid my watch need a lampshade
Body language everything read what my hands say (Read what my hands say)
I’ll go a little slower if you need me to translate (Need me to translate)
Boss moves keep options that’s how you play it safe
Just sealed the deal for a hundred with a handshake
Weighin’ out the racks a hustler really made it out with rap
With the jewels in the bank accounts to match
The Butcher

I didn’t come this far to only come this far
I gotta keep momentum swingin’ keep momentum swingin’
I didn’t come this far to only come this far
I gotta keep momentum swingin’ keep momentum swingin’

Yeah when I first started recording I swear it was more important
To make it the soul-train and a gold chain and some Jordans
Than makin’ my own lane and then blaze in the trail forward
But I came from the old days where the vision was too distorted
To come to an understanding a partnership and plannin’
For your marketin’ and brandin’ though the office was abandoned
Am I surprised? I’m monetized like more Morgan Stanley
I’m in a position now to make a difference for the family
My wife kids and in-laws deserve and inwalls
Picassos and war-hogs distressing my memoirs
About the knowledge of experiences I’ve endured
Create the bars full of information like SIM cards
I left court rooms as a defendant fully acquitted
In spite of the blood suckers who try sully my image
And fightin’ with motherfuckers who tried to tell me I’m finished
As if I’d ever consider the sky above as a limit
When I am the scientific my honor I’m dying with ’em
Iconic gifted it’s rare it requires a fairly different kind of spirit
Far as inner feelings I ain’t tryna hear it
Bein’ fearless how I’m violated to a higher terror
[?] I guess I am here ’cause ain’t nobody near me
You want a pyramid and I’m inherant to the game
Fiery I maintain momentum and I made a name clearly
But I can’t stop I believe there’s no rest more the wary
From the cards I was dealt to awards on my shelf
I turn scars to a sense of regard for myself
Based on where I set the bar I made it hard for myself
I lent the hand before my brothers called for my help
When I was still an inspiring gun right for the firing
Tryna find a part-time job site that was hirin’
Never concerned with the age or the height
Requirements tryna shake the ways of the hood like the violence Watchin’ the homies being forced into early retirement
I’m stuck as another product of their environment
I was told that achievement of goal starts to tryin’ at the prize
Keep your eye on the hard work rely on it
And nothing else don’t just hustle for your health
Fear they gon’ do nothing for you until you secure your health
Focus on the top I’ve been hot since before craft rock
You out your mind if you think I’ma stop

I didn’t come this far to only come this far
I gotta keep momentum swingin’ keep momentum swingin’
I didn’t come this far to only come this far
I gotta keep momentum swingin’ keep momentum swinginnn

Momentum - Russ
Momentum - Russ