Money counter – Woah Vicky lyrics

Lyrics Money counter – Woah Vicky

Money counter lyrics
Pull up in a whip I be goin’ off
Fifty headed toe I be showing off
Why you playing hard when you know you’re soft
Girl you just a worker I’m a f*****g boss

Backflip, make the money
Summer sauce
If it ain’t about the money I don’t wanna talk
If you ain’t gang-gang, you ain’t one of us
/Money counter watch me run it up/ (x5)

Well especially I’m f*****g you’re man in Louis clothes
Swirbly I’m riding the beamer I’m finna get em
Gone esveal on these bitches be hatin but I don’t hear em
Know that choppa blow
Ain’t mad at him just if he playin’ slow,
Bitches hate me, h**s wanna date me
I just wanna fangis

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Money counter - Woah Vicky
Money counter - Woah Vicky