Monster – Call me Karizma lyrics

Lyrics Monster – Call me Karizma

Monster lyrics
monsteeer monsteeer under my bed
come out & play cuz i need a friend
ur so damn close that i feel ur breath
ur the only one i have left

feel u in my bones
shiver up my spine
ur a master of disguise
u show up when no ones home
are u real or just a lie
i can feel u in my mind
and my soul
but i love when u jump in
and help me feel something
my blankets are the door
my bed is the coffin
and just as it closes
and i go to lock it
i sing that lullaby u taught me

show me where to go
i guess i’m always lost
now that everyone is gone
ur the one who gives me hope
i was told to be afraid
but around u i feel safe
and u know that
i love when u jump in
u help me feel something
my eyelids are the door
my mind is the coffin
and just as they’re closing
u come from closet
and sing the lullaby u taught me

save me, someone i’m crazy
or maybe something is saying
my days are numbered like babies
i stay in slumber let’s face it
i spend my summers in basements
i f*****g love when u hate me
i never want u to take me
from my monster,
someone call a doctor a doctor
i’m f*****g off my rocker don’t offer to talk when ur not gonna stop copping these oxys to feed me,
i’m probably not gonna eat these
but if the problems within me are just the monsteeer ur seeing i’m singing
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Monster - Call me Karizma
Monster - Call me Karizma