Mr Sheen – Russ lyrics

Lyrics Mr Sheen – Russ

Mr Sheen lyrics
Slide in whips slide in six they ain’t wanna slide in DM’s
Pricks them boy dem punks can’t wait ’till I see ’em see ’em
They know about pain like Liam his GM .. got done in the BM
Pree him they just wanna meet and greet them
Leave them I just wanna meet and beat them
I’m at the .. waiting for addicts
It’s 12 o’clock at night when the .. comes I’m there with the package
.. tried stop me from rapping mad ting I don’t wanna hear that chattings
They had me in the docks sweating stressing chatting ’bout shooting and stabbings
Has been washed up guys get ..
Digga D I’m a well known bandit bandit
Two got hit with one could’ve been a double M like Mixtape Madness

Talk about trap but you make no profit
Made history Gun Lean come top it

I put the glove on the skeng with F and came back with the skeng on E
Now I’ve gotta fill it with shell no petty ..
Auto clean pull up and spray like Mr Sheennn

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