My socks – Money Man lyrics

Lyrics My socks – Money Man

My socks lyrics
N***a can’t walk a mile in my socks
I be plantin’ seeds in them gotdamn pots
Growin up a n***a seen a whole lot
Pull up n***a might buy a whole lot
She make more than these niggas can’t call her a thot
Got the fur on my jacket from a rabies fox
Burnin gas out the clouds we so so high

All the young thots tryna give a n***a that box
I was ridin in a chevy I was ridin in a box
Got exotic comin in, in a FedEx box
All my niggas know I give’em my last
Got too high last time took a dab
Track team money we run it up fast
He called for a bag but he only bought half
That’s the typa s**t that’ll make a n***a maddd.
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My socks - Money Man
My socks - Money Man