Need you – Drake lyrics

Lyrics Need you – Drake

I need you right now.

2 am I been working wanna lie down
Talk to me, but you gotta talk nice now
I been toking on this blunt, for a while now
Best way to end things on a night out.

I was toking you was hoping, I was hitting up the crib
Then I saw you waiting on me, you was waiting for the kid
Flashback, didn’t know me, until I had a couple hits
Never knew we’d be together, yeah my life it took a twist, right now.

I need you right now. (x8)

You and I, we get together rubbing when it’s cold out
Now that its a summer, it get hot like Arizona
We can get together on the beach that’s where we go now
We don’t gotta think about it if we take it slow now.

You and I, we out here together
Feeling type of the way from the weather
I don’t wanna think that we ever
Gotta leave each other forever.

I need you right nowww. (x9)
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Need you - Drake
Need you - Drake