Negative reel – Cokie The Clown lyrics

Lyrics Negative reel – Cokie The Clown

Negative reel lyrics
Society judges through a black and white prism
Leads me to cynical pessimism
The best way I see living is by giving up hope
I see the world through a rose-colored microscope
I see patterns no one else can see, in SwItZerlANd I see reverse Nazis
I’m an opposite, I’m a negative reel, I don’t understand how other people feel
Cracks in the sidewalk gimme a feeling like when I count tiles on my past checkered ceiling
The only time I ever fit in, is when I wear a second skin

Is there a lobe missing in my brain because I don’t feel the difference between pleasure and pain
Why waste a night laying naked together when we could be confined in latex or black leather?
I love to kiss right before I’m gagged, I like the challenge of breathing inside a plastic bag
I have a way to make believe make believe makes me real
I’m so lucky that I feel things so few others feel
I just have to feel new ways to keep my mind from reeling
That’s why I like to hang on meat hooks from the ceiling
The only way I can turn off my brain is through exquisite pain

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