Never lied to you – Karlaaa lyrics

Lyrics Never lied to you – Karlaaa

Never lied to you lyrics
Thinking I was in love (x2)
Baby had me geek’d up thinking I was in love
Hopin’ it was real but I guess my a*s was wrong
You had me thinking you was the one
You had me happier than money can ever bring someone
I was hopin’ it was real
But I guess my a*s was wrong
Now I don’t think I am gonna ever find someone to love

Thought you tripping thinking that you love me but you trickin’
Different definitions about love was something missing
Fell in love but fell apart I prolly should of listened when
My brother done told me they gonna leave you then play victom
When you said that you love me see I could tell you didn’t mean it
It seem like you only said it because it seemed convenient
It’s my fault I wanted love when I really didn’tt need it

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