New b***h – Qveen Herby lyrics

Lyrics New b***h – Qveen Herby

New b***h lyrics
I cannot complain all these lists I be climbing on
Made a couple plays cashin in had good timing on
I been playin point flexin big I can write it off
I been wakin up with a s**t load of diamonds on

New b***h
Now she picks and chooses
Can’t hear your excuses
More bag than she knows what to do with
She’s a new b***h
Magazine exclusive
Stealing hearts like cupid
Haunting me with her lovely music
She’s a new b***h

People been sayin I changed
I don’t be feeling the same
Step off a jet in Fiorucci
Might get a tat on my face
It might say “don’t be a jerk”
I left these h**s in the dirt
Wanna be killing my shine
But they know that that s**t doesn’t work
Have to admit it was a sprint
Used to have service with you but I switched
Wings on my shoes marathon glutes
You disrespect me then I leave the room
Word to my ego no incognito
Leaving a trail of my cheese like a Cheeto
Got the kind of liquid that flows in casinos
If you need me follow the men in tuxedos

Follow the men in tuxedos
Follow the men in tuxedos
Checking my schedule for open appointments
Unfortunately I got zero
Chewing you out like I’m teething
Hope I’m not hurting your feelings
Remember when I needed you motherfucker
Well you shoulda taken that meeting

Y’all don’t recognize me?
B***h I stole your wifey
Yes I could be nice but that would be false advertising
Yeah f**k it up this b***h had enough
Number one question was
Did she get something done?
Nope just not taking your s**t no more
Just not taking your s**t
Respect looks good on me huh
What about a brand new whip read my lips
No more trying to please ya now I’m claiming amnesia
You took advantage of me and that’s when a b***h gotta leave ya

Used to take a mile when I gave an inch
F**k you gonna say b***h you don’t exist
Used to keep it light then I pulled a switch
Used to chase my dreams now I run the biz

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