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New written 4 lyrics
Whoa from my fade down to my fuckin toes
I know i remain the same down to my fuckin bones
I mean i changed but i stayed set to my code
Like f**k everybody wish good luck to everybody whoa
Gettin any money no couldn’t get a penny for
Any semi heavy reggie s**t you sold
Actin petty when its hot im a yeti when its cold
Are you ready are you not are you gonna let me go
Get me to the top caught kenny tryna get my spot
Nah you the fedies tryna get my spot blown
Ill be back call me benny blanco
Wikset enterprise its the heady honcho
Im payin throws man i hate to pose
I stayed in those too many days to say im woke
See you say you woke but half the s**t you say is quotes
And you can’t really say it you just makin pokes
I see thru the reflection that you made with smoke
Done this s**t so long its hard to wait and hope
If i couldn’t make a rap id make a joke or hold my s**t out
All i do is hold my d**k out make it grow

Be a slut not a hatin hoe
You got a butt gotta bring them both
I see you strut up on the train them bitches takin notes
Peep your whole routine they see you slayin tho
Switch up on the egg and cheese to that quaker oats
Go shorty make the most
Ill make a bridge if you make a moat a bridge
You know wik ..
But not from another planet homo sapien
But in better form man mixed with a leprechaun
And a coqui too 40’s back at forty deuce oof
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New written 4 - Wiki
New written 4 - Wiki