No luv – Josulous B lyrics

Lyrics No luv – Josulous B

No luv lyrics
Shawty don’t want me
She just want the pleasure
Hot line bling
If i don’t pick up
She text me
“Am all alone”
Ladie i get stop it
“Baby come home”
Nobody’s baby stop it
Am falling apart
I don’t give a f**k
She did me so dirty
Now she wanna talk
She calling my phone
Stop blowing it stop
Accuse and accuse
Were better apart
Pointing the finger
Girl you gotta stop
Am better off
Just growing apart
Taking my time
Not pressing rewind
Bullet after bullet
Be hurting my heart
Swallow my sorrow
The best part
Writing about you
Goin make me blow up

Speak of the future
I see the blue check
Got me a foreign
I be getting her text
Love to the haters
They know i was next
God answered my prayers
I know i was blessed
K.E on the track
Made me the beat
Thank you so much
Now its on repeat
Shoutout to my momma
Believing in me
They sit down and watch
While i rise to the peak
No love to the people
That didn’t believe
Blessings to all that
Didn’t receive
Fulfilling my purpose
I know am a star
They needed a light
So i shined in the dark
Time after time
I was doing my part
Trying so much
That i never gave up
Even though life hit me so hard
Try hard and play hard
Is the way to the start
Follow your dreams
You will achieve
The passion and love
Will make you receive
The bless from the heavens
That we cannot see

So stay on your grind
And never look back
Its only one chance
So don’t give it up
Its only one life
So don’t mess it uppp

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