No pork – Dave East lyrics

Lyrics No pork – Dave East

No pork lyrics
Make a couple dollars think you cool, until your kids gettin’ followed after school
We ain’t never followed rules, I just want the crib that got the pool
Niggas jumped him, he went home and got his tool, shorty fed up
Everything on the line, you either die or give that bread up
This the Mafia so don’t be embarrassed, walk with your head up
Youngin’ with an opinion, the OGs told me to shut up
You tryna open shop, go get a gun before you set up
Shots’ll give your body a physical, f**k a check up
I know Yankees fans that’ll kill you just ’cause the Mets up
Never will I let up, the girls that couldn’t talk on the phone is givin’ the head up
How much of this can measure? No scale, I was eyeballin’ that product
Watched a couple niggas die over that product, I got high and I forgot it
Magnum on me, Lil had the Charger, n***a we dodged it
Malik was all about bitches on some Chico DeBarge s**t
Henny, drunk it straight, we wouldn’t mix a drink
Bando waking me up out my sleep, I’m off a perc in front of medicine
Now when it get cold, I just hope my daughter can fit her mink
The hottest in New York, I could give a f**k what you niggas think
Gelato, smell it on us, we pull up, they like “them niggas stink”
You not a boss, niggas still sending you to get a drink
I told Mack, empty that s**t if you see a n***a blink
Was sellin’ grams, but Cam had me wantin’ to go and get it pink
When Pegasus was open, we born into this s**t, niggas is chosen
Seen niggas lose they life over clothing
I told Shoota, we gon’ get rich no matter what
They was happy when we was down, now we see them they mad as f**k
We ain’t gotta live in the projects no more
I dropped out, but it’s funny, I’m hittin’ college on tour
I need them fresh, cop them again if I copped them before
Charlotte Hornets, top and bottom colored Aqua Valore
Ikey used to let me in after the locks on the door
I ain’t speeding, I ain’t smoking, f**k you stopping me for?
I hid my first .38 behind the socks in my drawer
My momma asked me, “Why you got a gun? You not goin’ to war”
If I go get her cigarettes, it might be opps at the store
I’m servin’ with no tennis net, I might get stopped by the law
Pooch said he paranoid, he had some rocks in his drawers
They on a mission, kill the witness and they all might get off
I keep some money on my phone just ’cause the bro might’ve called
Might die speaking out of turn, niggas don’t know when to talk
We do it big, f**k a pig, cook my food with no pork
Just tryna win, ’cause I ain’t really in the mood for no loss
Can’t be scared of the night, you already knew it got dark
Keep it trill and try to build, that’s what I do when I talk
A month for rent just for the heels, look at her shoes as she walk
I’m tryna listen, and honestly, I’m just not choosing to talk
That Maybach just got washed, take off your shoes in my car
Them niggas that never supported act like you been a star
Wine sippin, twistin’ cigars, I’m watchin’ Steven Segal
Thinking I ain’t need a dollar from niggas, just need a call
Ask me how I’m doin’, communication out the window
That’s how s**t get ruined, I won’t go unless my crew in
I always been a student, I roll with a bunch of Devils in blue
I’m on some Duke s**t, got bitches on some Luke s**t
Took xanax out my diet, ’cause it used to make my mood switch
Live or die, it ain’t up to you, Allah gon’ choose it

Live or die, it ain’t up to you, Allah gon’ choose it
Live or die, it ain’t up to you, Allah gon’ choose ittt
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No pork - Dave East
No pork - Dave East