Outer space – Ugly God lyrics

Lyrics Outer space – Ugly God

Outer space lyrics
B***h, you got me fucked up!
Blowing up a n***a phone, won’t leave me alone
B***h, you know you in the wrong
You got me fucked up!
B***h, I’m in my zone (B***h!)
So leave me alone, watch me get ‘em then I’m gone
You done fucked up!
Ayy, she wanna f**k for the racks
Bring the bih back to the hotel, and hit the lil’ bitchh from the back
B***h! B***h!
Most of these niggas be cap, n***a talk down and get clapped
I put the gang on the map
Please give me some space
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Outer space - Ugly God
Outer space - Ugly God