Pain – SadBoyProlific lyrics

Lyrics Pain – SadBoyProlific

Pain lyrics
Girl get out my mentions
You actin’ pretentious
Used me for attention
I’m just glad we ended

Gotta razor blade in the depths of my mind
Thoughs too sharp I’ve been in my grind
Can’t believe I let you waste my time
Used to hate myself, now I’m all ’bout mine
Too much negativity around me
Fake homies wanna kick it like rousey
Remember back then all they veer did was clown me
Now I got the drip and they all drowning
Haters like a boat cause they riding the wave
I’m just tryna leave a mark fore I’m dead in the grave
Nights spent screamin while I’m cuttin with the blade
Either that or I’m cryin with a gun to my brain
Let it bang, yall don’t understand my pain
Red on my walls, homie no it ain’t paint
I just wanna end it but I gotta refrain
I just wanna end it but I gotta refrain
Don’t wanna be letdown, but I’ve done it enough
Too many ash stains and razor blade cuts
So I’m reachin’ to my waist for that thang I keep tucked
This the last time that I’m holdin’ the gun

They really think that I’m on one
Came on up the scene, made a wave, then my heart sunk
Used to playing games with me, go look out the outcome
Hitting up my phone now, sorry but it’s all gone
I don’t got the time, busy feeling pain
Looking a my scars, I don’t think they’ll fade away
Playing with my head, so I’m aiming at the brain
Used to be the one they loved, now I’m singing in rain
I’ve been sitting in my room making songs and they all bang
Only way to ease the mind when it’s all pain
Old friends hit my line but I don’t hang
My anxiety’s been pushing me the wrong way
Tired of wainting, I’ve been stuck in the mud
And I really hate the fact that I was never enough
Everyone around me thinks I’m living it up
But really all I wanna do is go and drip on the gun
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Pain - SadBoyProlific
Pain - SadBoyProlific