Panic – G Herbo lyrics

Lyrics Panic – G Herbo

Panic lyrics
Where would I be without rap? Nobody really knows
Me and Gregg was sharin’ clothes but we wasn’t really broke
We was tryna impress them h**s kept us on our toes
I had 25 in high school like I’m Derrick Rose
I had a Glock when I met Pistol Pete that’s on my soul
Had always copped bank to the left ’cause I grew up with the moes
And I was stuck in .. like I’m one of the 4s
I had some shootouts with my bro ‘n’ ’em I had to give it and go
S**t got hot we .. most of ’em still got one of the old ones though
Might hang that b***h in a frame for show
That’s the one that my big ..
We ain’t learn how to blow on no range no
Pop out flame out the Wrangler though
Might could’ve blew out my brains though
Niggas must not got no aim no more

Niggas left me in the rain some more
I found some gold in the rainbow though
They say I got money and changed the most
Please don’t forget I’m still dangerous though
Still’ll walk up on a stranger though
Gangster s**t run in my veins for sure
I wanna change ’em though
Know how to channel my anger though
Oh we ain’t gone save ’em though
Where his hood at? We gon’ name him though
Oh yeah I’m famous so?
None of my killers want payment though
Oh we ain’t ‘posed to be bangin’ no
Me and my niggas we hangin’ though
Oh I don’t wanna be slangin’ dope
This pistol don’t ever stop rangin’ though
Ayy I don’t panic
Wheels be panoramiccc