Payback – Bad Child lyrics

Lyrics Payback – Bad Child

Payback lyrics
Paybaaack’s for kids and you say that
I act like a kid but

It’s 4:45 in the mornin’
Yelling at the top of our god damn voices
We both know it’s wrong but we’re actin’
Tend to get along, you’re an actress
Keep the high horses in the stable
There’s a dish served cold on the table
You’re full of it and you say that
To f**k with my head but

You know that I got a thick skull
It’ll be the death of me, oh, I don’t listen
Is this what revenge really taste like
I lost all my friends to the nightlife
Well baby let’s get numb
‘Cause I can’t run from all of this no more
I want payback
Heart attack served in a wine glass, now I can’t relax
Give me one more god damn minute
I just need one more god damn minute
Could you last a day in my position?
Understand the pain, you’re dismissin’
Oh, but you can’t change, you’re a statue
You can’t break me down to amuse you
Paybaaack’s a b***h
And you say that
I act like a b***h but

It’s 4:45 and I’m leavin’
I lost all the air in my lungs to the screamin’
I lost all the love in my heart to the demons
I lost all the things that I use to believe in
I lost everything for no god damn reason
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Payback - Bad Child
Payback - Bad Child