Perfect pint – Mike Will Made-it lyrics

Lyrics Mike Will Made-It  – Perfect pint

Gi-gimme some space
Two styrofoam cups, a pint of some drank
I’m the type of n***a that you meet at the bank (rich n***a)
Grade A b*tches treatin’ me like a safe
This money doin’ somethin’ to my brain (my brain)
This money doin’ somethin’ to my ego (my ego)
This drank got me talkin’ like Z-Ro
These pills got me feelin’ like Neo (wavy)
And this freak in my ear tryna go (skrrt)
I-I’ll turn your crib to a hoe house (huh)
I’m a rockstar, drank ’til I pass out (leggo)
Drank ’til I motherf*ckin’ pass out (drank)
Drank, drank ’til I motherf*ckin’.(perfect pint)

Holding onto na-na-naaah
Hoping they come to life
‘Cause underneath the stairs is where we
Poured our first perfect pints
Really wanna know
Hoping they come to life
‘Cause right there on the stairs is where
We poured our first perfect pints.

(It’s Gucci!)
I’m in the trap saran wrappin’ with the Vaseline
You know the clean lean jump like trampoline
Always vert with the skrrt, rims tangerine
I fell asleep and had a dream ridin’ on M.L. King
Two pinky rings, two pints of lean
Two cups, too turnt, two h**s, one me
They were screamin’, “Free Gucci”, but now that Guwop’s free
Blue cheese, no ranch, hunduns on me
Thirty cars deep, it’s like a circus with me
Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane, it sounds perfect to me
Now I’m back on top like I’m ‘posed to be
But I done poured so many pints that s**t got old to me.

Holding onto na-na-nah
Hoping they come to life
‘Cause underneath the stairs is where we
Poured our first perfect pints.

Kung Fu Kenny, look look
Who the f*ck you talkin’ to? You mainey (you mainey)
Salute me when I’m walkin’ through, you ain’t me (you ain’t me)
Everything I do is with the extras (extras)
Flip me couple million for investments
And my hood love me unconditional
Your hood love you ’cause you on the instrumental though
This rap s**t crazy, need the woosah
They screamin’ Compton, must be two sides
R.I.P. to Shawty Lo, yeah B. Dot know I’m flexin’
VIP my barrio, 200 on the guest list
I don’t like to sugarcoat or politic with yes men
I like me a boujee hoe from Normandie and Western
2017 onto bigger things (bigger things)
I got a smaller team, got a bigger ring (bigger ring)
Everybody a Crip ’til they black and blue
Everybody a Blood ’til they hemorrhaging
Ah man, Mike WiLL Made-It
Two back to back Spurs, me and Mike WiLL made it
Double park on the curb, I can drive but I’m lazy
Half a pint, whole pint, gassed up, crazy, ayyyy.

Holding onto memories
Tossing turning all night (yeah, yeah)
Leaving would be wise, but you know where my heart lies
I be rollin’ every time that I arriveee.
Mike Will Made-It lyrics
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