Pharmaprix – Lil Cartier lyrics

Lyrics Pharmaprix – Lil Cartier

Pharmaprix lyrics
[Chorus 1]
Start saving to lose
I’m spending today
Pay one small price for all of it
It’s pharmaprix
These other stores lose my money today
But who can empty my pocket?
It’s pharmaprix
Start saving to lose

[Verse 1]
I want to pay you
Two times fifty
To pay the least
And find I’m queen of the bill (Yeah)
I made a bop
For the cheap
Yes I did

[Chorus 2]
These minuscule goose
Feel priceless to pay
It takes no scam to market it (What?)
It’s pharmaprix

Why would I pay it there?
When I could pay less for it here?
Yes, I’ll choose you
It’s pharmaprix
It’s pharmaprix

Pharma, The prix

[Verse 2]
I’ma keep my bread up
Dough is rising
All over me
And I’ma just pay only one
Yes I will thrift
Queen of the bill
Call me the one

[Chorus 3]
Win more when you lose
Use one bill to pay
I pay to make a song for it
It’s pharmaprix
And if I can save more here
I’m gonna save more for you dear
In love with you
The Dollar Store

It’s pharmaprix
It’s pharmaprix

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