Power button – Currensy lyrics

Lyrics Power button – Currensy

Power button lyrics
Rock astronaut suits by the BBC (x7)

Jets n***a
Shout out to the big homie shout out to Big Ben
Ferris Buller
This ought to be good for like a whole box of lettermans and hoodies and all that s**t

Word to Trademark my style need a padlock
Moon man suited up I’m an astronaut
You mad because I does what you cannot
Crib fit for a king you would swear I had an architect from Camelot
Inspire niggas to go how could I ever stop giving niggas the hot
The rhymes I rock inspire fly niggas to shop
And bitches rub they titties like they did for big pop
Spitta keep it honest diamonds and dollars
In the Bahamas slice ya wifey like an avocado
Blame it on the moscato she went crazy with the bottle
Fly Vision I seen it all through aviator goggles
Las Vegas heavy wages stakes raising poker faces in the red label
All large I roll up like zig-zag papers
Shocked they a*s give em this taser

I get it on like the power button on the remote
So roll with us or you’ll choke on the jet smoke (x2)

And I’m so sure that them suckers over there
Ain’t making the same s**t we making over here
Them niggas switching the rules they ain’t even playing fair
Originality seemed to have vanished in the air
I remember a time
Back when niggas could rhyme
A I-Pod and a ride a n***a bumping the tribe
Got my pedal to the metal in my De La Highs
Me myself and I
Me myself Im high
See I sleep in my eyes
Gotta keep a disguise behind enemy lines
By the time they recognize that I have arrived I done entered they mind
Sneaker Freak and baby who could be more sneaker than I
Spitta be the equivalent to a bed of nails
He who sleeps on Spitta will not sleep well
Got cheese and Guac n***a Taco Bell
I been had this bread it’s all moldy and stale

I get it on like the power button on the remote
So roll with us or you’ll choke on the jet smokeee

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