Pressure – Peezy lyrics

Lyrics Pressure – Peezy

Pressure lyrics
Peezy, (ohh, aye) I’m a thug n***a till I die
Staying in the fast lane till I crash, I ain’t worried ’bout a f**k n***a right now
Mind to busy thinkin’ bout cash, time get bad, I’ma get good stacking all my cash while I’m thuggin’ in the hood
And I got that MAG, man I get that understood
Run up on me, man I wish a n***a would
Sitting on your a*s while Peezy be counting
Waiting on your daddy to come give you allowence
Playing with the cash get you baked like a brownie
To busy for yo’ a*s so your mama be frownin’, ‘fore a n***a ask, imma get it on my own
Whether robbing niggas or making these songs
If a n***a hate imma let him hate till i’m gone
Before i hang with f**k niggas i’d rather be alone
Say that i’m living way too fast for my age
If a young n***a livin’ fast nowadays
Move everything slow, that’s how you get played
If a n***a play me then somebody getting blazed, (foreal)
Since a young n***a, man i’ve been getting guap
Praying on Glock trynna make it to the top
I be with my niggas thuggin’ on the block
Running through the numbers like the hand on the clock
I’m strapped up with a stack on me, trap me up
I lay you flat homie, I worked to hard just to get that money
I never let a n***a take that from me
I stay Polo from the head to the ground
With a four four i’ll knock a n***a down
Four o got a third in the clip
Put a tag on your head like a mufuckin’ cow, racks on me, put a beam on you, put a beam on me? that’s what you ain’t gonna do, you a real n***a if you walk up and niggas looking down like they ain’t ever seen yo’ shoes, you a f**k n***a, man that’s something I can prove, hit you with the tool
Throw yo’ a*s in the pool
Everything cool till’ a n***a get blues
Have everybody crying in the middle of yo’ school

In the club boy watch out for my shoes
4 doors this is not a lil’ coupe, put up the pistol you not finna shoot
Hotel with these bitches surroundin’ my room
Peezy P and the P is for pressure I’m smokin’ pressure eating shrimp in the booth, never p***y been ’bout whatever
You got a choppa then show me what it do, and the .. and they saw me shinnin’ with my crew
I was cleaning my room and I looked out the window
And I caught ’em sleepin’ on the floo,
Came out the house with my hood and my tooly
I made them run up out they shoes
This is for niggas who really be thuggin’ out there with nothin’ to prove

I pray to God (first you get that money then you get that power)
In here on my lonley, I’ve been in this b***h for hours
Pray to God it didn’t rain and I looked up and it got cloudy (why it get cloudy?)
Been there holdin’ the ceiling, there ain’t s**t you can do about it, still I pray
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Pressure - Peezy
Pressure - Peezy