Prove a point – Young Grizzley lyrics

Lyrics Prove a point – Young Grizzley

Prove a point lyrics
I though this be the perfect time to say whatever the f**k is on my mind
Perfect beat did that 3 times
Yeah there’s a third one coming in august that’s a spoiler for your b***h a*s
On the back of the car coming back around like a whiplash
I praise tee grizzley but that don’t mean I kiss a*s
I’m young and trying to prove a point only spit facts
Holding the game up like a kickstand
I wanna play the game like drums where my fuckin sticks at
Leaving my ink on hip hop now it’s got a big tat
When I see the chance to get up there I hope I don’t accidentally miss that
My haters right now are about the size of a tic tac
Cause I don’t let them hold me back
Come party with grizzley my rhymes will bring you to the promise land
I promise you that
When I grasp
The fuckin fame
Gotta keep grinding and pray now pass the mic to my mother fuckin homie jay

Ok since there’s a point to prove its time to show and prove everytime I
walk by they say bless you because they know the light when they see it
when they hear it and to the dumb deaf and blind maybe it sounds eerie but
here’s a theory since minds are moving quicker means that rhymes are
getting sicker from the way that I deliver
Take it back to wu tang swords like shanobi I wrote this at eight taking
more shots than Kobe can’t control me loose leaf roll it enjoy vapors laid
back working on verses no pen and paper but in the morning gotta leave another
trip to NC make another rack see my mama back to the streets land back down
at chuck town hit the banks make my rounds lay it down next morning to the
A town another day of training everyday I’m getting better and I’m
conscious when I speak right down to every letter Wright way regime
change blackameriking is the song that I sing Wright way the regime

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