Quick little freestyle – Pete & Bas lyrics

Lyrics Quick little freestyle – Pete & Bas

Quick little freestyle lyrics
Run a man down with a brick
Left dust on his face did that for the family
Knocked back 2 shots of the brandy
Need a man knocked down then shout me
Take hold of the wheel
Wind the windows down while I fix his steering
Got paid by the last job well
You can tell by the size of the rocks in my earrings
Pull up and stray at the windshield
Lay one down and I’m going cross country
It can get a bit rough down there
So I bought a new kevlar vest off Gumtree

And I got stick with lasers
And we’ve got tools that bang
And I’m quick on the draw like Usain Bolt
Whip it out if a boy gets jumpy

Bust shots in the cafe big stack of hashbrowns
Break necks when I’m walking around
Quick *shwi-shwi-psh* and he’s down
I got bands locked down in the war chest
And I’ve got eyes on the unmarked van
If he comes round here then I’m capping his knees
And his mates can wheel him around
Didn’t wanna do that neither
Ghillie suit in the back of the beamer
Quick little scrap at the roulette table
Bouncing his head off the dealer
I whip sticks out and I’m ringing off rounds
And I’m quick with the fingers
Full room on the floor
Might have broken a couple of windows

Put a strap to the back of head
And he’s conked out dreaming
The whole family’s scheming
Got my wife on the road in the evenings
Make more money in the night time
Dings on the line that’s daylight saving
Put a fist to his face and he dropped dead weight
And became best mates with the pavement
Got a thingamajiggy I’m rejigging it quickly
And I’m adding all sorts of attachments
Big scope with the thermal sight
And I’m up on the rooftop prone on a mattress
Breaker breaker Pete’s in the pub with a baked potato
Pint in his hand and a Sunday paper
Not today boys I’ll see you later

Sent big boys home in a box
Four days on the trot
Don’t pay for the postage
Look son get with the programme
Touch the remote and your neck gets broken
You must be joking versuri-lyrics.info
Got two pool balls in a tube sock
And I’m gonna boot this front door open
Hand in a plastic bag
Rip off the ankle tag and poke him
I don’t want a call from the coast guard
Chained to a block so a mans not floating
Handbreak turn in a Jag
Won’t catch me waving a flag
I’ll clap every one of you mugs
Then I’m out on the town with a pint and a faggg

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