Quiet – Kush Mink lyrics

Lyrics Quiet – Kush Mink

Quiet lyrics
Cooking magic in the kitchen voila get it frying
I don’t like some north siders they say wallah when their lying
I don’t like some west siders they want drama and I’m tired
I don’t like some east siders they get jealous when I’m shining

I don’t f**k with niggas segregation
Always thought the cure to poverty was immigration but
Sus out my situation
Fresh off the boat selling cigarettes at Ringwood station

But then I met the plug
Soon enough pushing bud
But f**k I wanted more

Ai tell em what you did

Climbed in my plug window shoved ounces in my sweatpants
Opened up his oven saw a finger and like 10 bands
That’s some s**t you see in Mexico
He chased me till I hit the river kinda crazy it was Templestowe

Burn city 0 cap I’m in the 3 best
They talking tuff I let it fly it’s only when there’s wifi real life I’m dragging sticks like a DS

Black heart dark mind yeah I’m violent
That’s why I stay silent
When people tell me Kush why you quiet? I say it’s quiet

Ay man I been wondering

Is there hate cos I’m rich or is it only cos I’m shiny?
Balling so hard the Sydney Swans wanna sign me

Ay bro ash my weed real quick

When I double tap her pic the nudes come quick
My shotgun can make a Subaru front flip

Bud in the air Carlton Dry flying down the funnel
Say she wanna 69 hope she talking bout gummo
Run through at every party p***y deeper than a tunnel
How your mum call you crystal when you looking like some rubble

But what can I say I’m not a pretty guy
But I slap guns they wanna lock me till I’m 55

Yeah long as f**k man

Food always taste better when your starving
So when I bought my first Beamer I was laughing
That was back.. when was that?
That was when we still stayed in the apartments

Yeah my job is kinda dangerous like a lion trainer
Keep a gun when I shower cos my life in danger
I want my son to look at me like I’m a power ranger
But we don’t spend alotta time so right now I’m a stranger

Yeah I’m a stranger

Shoutout the guys man came a long way million views bro on some Hollywood s**t


The lightskin of your dreams gave me p***y on a Thursday
You wouldn’t get it on your birthday
Why you talking s**t on a android probably had double your stacks on my worst dayyy

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