Rappers moms in their son s video – Proud music video

Rappers moms in their son s video.
2 Chainz, Yg and Offset dropped the long awaited video of the
song Proud. All 3 rappers love their moms and now they
have a f*cking video to prove it.

2 Chainz‘s mom made her appearence in the music video
in her sons Truu necklace and gold-tinted Tom Ford Oliver
shades, and lip-syncing the opening verse with as much
energy as 2 Chainz. It gets funny when mom lip-syncs the
following verse “As soon as I finish pissing I put the
seat down, or my momma gonna curse my d*** a*s out.”
Yg’s mother makes her entrance in the second verse,
wearing a dark red lipstick, lip-syncing the “My momma
ain’t raise no ho, cause my momma ain’t no ho” verse.
In the final verse Offset’s mother keeps it real, cool.
She is sitting on a couch and counting money, with her
son’s chain shines on her neck. “Momma taught me how
to get that bank roll,” lip syncing while she
waves 100’s at the camera, “Bought up in my life
in case the bank close.”
So hope you enjoy some bad as* rapper’s momma in a video 🙂

Rappers moms in their son s video
Rappers moms in their son s video