Rawlings – Chief Keef lyrics

Lyrics Rawlings – Chief Keef

Rawlings lyrics
DP on the beat
Smokes, glo! Blood gang Man
Motherfuckas know how we rockin’ Man
Glo Gang or no gang Man
Stupid blunts man, four wheel drive man, stupid kush
So motherfuckin’ high right now man
Motherf**kin’ mansion man, got all these acres
I don’t know where the f**k I’m at man, feel me?
All types of whips outside
M6’s. Audi’s and S**t
Aye Bally, (Aye Bally)
Aye aye, pass me the rock (pass me the rock)
Aye, so I can Ball (so I can Ball)
Bitches already know that we ballin’
I’m at The Mardi Gras, in New Orleans
Choppas out, Kill them boys(kill them boys)
Got them dogs out, sniffin’
Runnin’ round your kitchen, where yo s**t at?(where yo s**t at?)
Send my locksmith at yo door

Send my block, at your folks
Send that glo, we posted on the glo block with big a*s poles
Where the glo block at?
North suburbs
In my mansion b***h, ya never heard
Where It’s at? you never know
Try to follow me, then I’ma blow
I can be drivin’, still got the pipe
Be drivin’ And I still take your life
Pull up on ya b***h, I’m still taking flight
I’m off the tooka and I’m still getting high
And higher aye (higher)
Waiting for the days to go by and buyer, aye
Only thing that matter is the money, aye
Wake up in the morning yawning aye, gettin’ money
Fuckin’ honey’s, fuckin’ thots
F**k n***a, f**k up your party or your posse
Turn it to a pool party
Almighty you mighty
In my 290
Catch you, you a body
Under him, aye, what Is wrong with him?
I don’t know
Cause I’m Bipolar
When he shoot, he shoot at your shoulder
Have yo pipe up, catch you, rawlings
N***a we don’t carry holsters
Riding with a interlapse, ain’t got time for that chitter chat
F**k n***a got me I’ma get em’ back
This choppa break a niggas backkk.
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