Ready set go – Lil Tecca lyrics

Lyrics Ready set go – Lil Tecca

Ready set go lyrics
Gotta stay ten toes
And we skirtin’ green light ready set go
Yweaaah n***a ready set go
Got the choppa by my side it’s lit like a Citgo
I’m aimin’ my 5 right up out the window
Murder gang s**t we ain’t letting s**t go
You will get a slit throat
I’m with Tecca got the TEC and it’ll take a n***a soul
Ain’t no pressure got no effort for these goofy a*s h**s
God I can’t fall for these groupie-a*s h**s
I told her Baby hold on I wanna ball like I’m Lonzo
You better stop the hold on I want a bag need it pronto
All this water on me got me drippin’ like a pothole
All this fuckin’ green lil’ b***h like cilantro
I got the wave on my back yeah they see me and they follow
Yeah and I know you see the drip lil’ n***a you can’t borrowh)
N***a you can’t see me like a motherfuckin’ hollow
Do a fuckin’ drill lil’ b***h like Chicag
Yeah I’m runnin’ to that bag yeah they got me in my zone
Yeah BAPE on my jeans and the shirt VLONE
Energy is gettin’ distant see your vibes so long
She said “Tecca do you f**k with me” lil’ baby I don’t know
Yeah on the low we know
She wanna get a bag baby let’s go
And I miss your energy ’cause it’s been so longgg

Ready set go

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