Reject – Merkules lyrics

Lyrics Reject – Merkules

Reject lyrics
The plot thickens I’m blasting thru this hard liquor
I’m trying to put toghether pieces of this crowd picture
I wrote this record with my fingerprint of fog mirror
And as soon as I was honest then it got clear
They say I talk about anxiety too much
But sobriety is too tough and I can hide it when I’m drunk
They day I talk about depression way to often
I was walking on a beach and I found my message in a bottle
My head was full of sorrow and my center piece was hollow
I look happy on the surface but what’s underneath the potholes
It’s not that easy just to change if I wanted to
And I’m maybe responsible for the pain that you are been thru
I’ve been basically walkin across the plank with no shoes
But I hope you know I love you by the way that I thought you
Cause good days can turn into bad days
And the bad days make it hard to have faith

I’m a f*cker and I hate that I’m this way
I’m a low life, I use a mask to disquise my pain
I’m a douchebag, I blaim you cause I won’t blaim myself
I’m a reject when I’m honest and I need your help (x2)
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Reject - Merkules
Reject - Merkules