Relentless again – Moneybagg Yo lyrics

Lyrics Relentless again – Moneybagg Yo

Relentless lyrics
Don’t know how I talked ’bout money back when I was poor (How you do that?)
Had to speak it to existence like a magic show (Abracadabra)
Ain’t never been selfish (Never never)
But I also never had s**t (Never again)
In my head I wasn’t average
Smokin’ lil’ blunts but I never was embarrassed (Skimp)
Never liked to play the game on easy
Like you my attorney no matter what you believe me (Trust)
Gettin’ crossed cut deep internal bleeding (Hurt)
Bad vibes ’round me I ain’t need them (Nope)
My niggas don’t know this but sometimes (What?)
I ride low-key with a big iron
I just wanted to feel normal one time (One time)
On life I’ma go when it’s crunch time (Take off)
Exes in my DM see them look I’m a whole new n***a (Look at me ho)
But it’s always one b***h who stay down so I labeled her realer (Trill)
I see you throwin’ shots on your Insta-Snap
Ayy I don’t fight h**s but can get you slapped (Play)
You ain’t livin’ like that b***h chill out (Chill out)
Ayy you ain’t livin’ like that b***h chill out (Hold up)
H**s dreamed to come up off a n***a they just lookin’ at you as a ticket
When they took the Act’ it’s like I lost my n***a you might say I’m trippin’ but I miss it (I miss it)
Had shootouts with a frenemy thinkin’ I’ma kill him when I catch him (On life)
He got locked up by the grace of God if they let him out I’m gettin’ at him (Ain’t forget)
Ayy f**k Moneybagg Yo he a ho he ain’t never did s**t
He ain’t this he ain’t that ayy yeah I hear you bitches talkin’
Yeah through the internet
I’m everywhere they say I can’t go
I’m doing everything they said I wouldn’t do
I’ma keep my feet in these bitches’ chest
And I ain’t lettin’ up
I got niggas in they feelings (How?)
‘Cause I ain’t giving out handouts (What else?)
I got h**s pourin’ dirt on my name (Damn)
‘Cause they know I got a bag now (What they do?)
Tryna infiltrate the squad
Makin’ up s**t knowin’ it ain’t accurate (Foul)
Bitches be fuckin’ for Jordans
Thinkin’ they important knowin’ they ain’t havin’ s**t (Ah)
Just cleared three million nose in the ceiling I ain’t got no feelings (I’m up)
And still f**k around hamper full of dope you think it got clothes in it
I’m in here now on some more s**t (More s**t)
Diamonds ocean they in motion (Water)
I’m like Wiz how I’m smokin’ (Choke)
Kush stinkin’ halitosis (Woah s**t)
Niggas f**k off but want they b***h perfect
You bought her this and that she ain’t worth it
Sackin’ up dope and s**t but you ain’t serve it
Sing when that pressure on you was nervous
They see what I spend I make ’em go in
That high-class living a trend (Right now)
How you gon’ fold somethin’ that don’t bend? (Huh?)
Ayy I’m relentless again (I’m here)

Ayy look I’m back on it
See I know what y’all thinkin’ when I said “Reset”
That that was just a title or some s**t to y’all
Nah I’m talkin’ ’bout like
I was really gon’ put myself back at the beginning stage of the s**t
How I came in with that hunger that aggressionnn

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