Rest – Wilderness lyrics

Lyrics Rest – Wilderness

Rest lyrics
Your last statement, a page left for us all to share
The last words you ever wrote
Each word deliberate and final
“For those who care” and suddenly time stops

None of you are to blame
I just can’t find a pause from the pain
I’m not strong enough
Not able to cope through the strain

I’m lost in your thoughts
At the scene where you fell
While the drop for you was short
The fall for me was hell

I still can’t find the strength to read it again
To hear your whole head was a wreck
I trace through the lines like i did on that night
Where you threw in the towel and gave up the fight

I’m just not getting by, barely clinging on but I understand
And I hope you found peace
That you found rest
My fingers pressed against your name
The ink has faded from years of neglect

I’m lost in my thoughts
At the scene where I’ll fall
And I’ll sink like you did
I deserve this hell
As your lungs filled your heart slowed still
And your lips turned blue
The image as you sank, there’s nothing I can do
I destroyed myself when I took your life from you
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Rest - Wilderness
Rest - Wilderness