Road rage 2 – P Money lyrics

Lyrics Road rage 2 – P Money

Back again
Man like P
Big up my OGs around town
Road Rage 2
P and D EP out July 27th
Money over everyone free this winter
Grime time
OK, yo.
(P Money – Road rage 2)

It’s the sounds of the Gal!

Alright, coldest heart
Black windows, black gloves and mask
Big batty I’m G ducking past
.52 shots hit the clutch and laugh
Yo manna don’t deal with trouble ’cause
But if man wanna go then I will buss and pass
Got a .. gassed off J Hus
Did you think I was gonna come back with bars?
Turn up at shows they would not come ours
‘Cause man’s really on shooting stars
I’m dying to meet this ting so long
When it goes down I might bust two farts
Heard a couple man wanna snitch, okay
Get those who roll up bun two grass
You man wanna war on me, come tru darg
Our one wet ting cut tru fast
Man knows that its on suttin’ not bars
Man looked at me like P that’s harsh
I looked at him back ‘What d’you mean that’s harsh?’
BLAM when he said that’s a hundred large
Send a man half if he’s up to the task
See man lookin’ at the money like ‘Rahs’
Told you man these yutes ain’t hard
Festival ting it was me and my dargs
Dem man came with security guards
Got an email the next day from his manager talkin’ bout collabs I said pass
I don’t wanna work with them man darg
Smart man don’t mix with retards
Violate who you stupid yute
I was ill with the matic way before Nas
Wetter man are here tellin’ head of my class
That’s how they know my bars
I ran up in your yard and I was like ‘huh’
Wait, swear I’ve seen you before
Looked in his face and a man said ‘nah’
Boxed in the mouth you said that before
Stupid boy why you lyin’ for
Never .. man weren’t sure
Left the police why you ring your nan for
Tekken legend I am the law
Pay round bully I ain’t let a man slide
‘P but why’ what d’you mean why?
Everytime I catch somebody your asking me questions
Nah man what d’you mean why?
About your looking for studio time
What you doing ’round here you’re way offside
Think you can run into Morley’s and hide
Mm mm man come here for ribs and thighs
P does the letters in the alphabet
Why cah you and your Gs didn’t want it with I
It’s like I’m playing with toys at 29
Tricks when I pull the trigger and drive
Tellin’ me for love I got a business mind
For my Gs I’ll change that witness mind
Prosecution is gonna go blind
When he turns up deaf and can’t do signs
Back when the feds had a Vectra
Roll number 2 or 3 yutes that are extra
I ain’t talkin’ about man being eggs up
Talking about when you knock man out stone cold
There’s still some for the man being extra
I was a main man, you was etcetera
Violate me I will violate the same man
Cah mans dying if I let this fester
Yo, you see if I let this fester
One phone call, two yutes and a Vesper
Close man’s whole road, head up to Leicester
Hideout with Sasha up in Manchester
You think you’re 2Pac
But it’s not a biggie to whip you and drop a tune called [‘Who cheffed ya’]
Known for a man when I apply pressure
America still won’t accept my ends ’cause man’s militant
Tell man I would’ve touched Theresa’s f*nny if you paid me a million
You man still think Kanye’s brilliant?
Wouldn’t shake my man’s hand for a billion
Right hand, teach these man about Gideon
What do you know about tracers idiot
How was it a trace when someone’s killin’ ’em
Cut that .. up no one’s bringin’ em
Anyway back to the bars
Man said I did nothing for the ends I was so enraged
Littlez did he know for my closest bredrins
I was kicking boxers like some voting page
My guys come out of jail on beast mode
What d’you expect putting Hulk in cage?
And little boy with an open face
I will catch that darg in a melting stage.

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Road rage 2 - P Money
Road rage 2 - P Money

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