Rogue wave – Aesop Rock lyrics

Lyrics Rogue wave – Aesop Rock

Rogue wave lyrics
A little bread a little circus
It serve as a diversion for devils and death merchants
I was curled up underneath a swirling thread of reds and purples
Lumberjack flannel strappin’ saddles over servals
Paddling in circles with ten thousand maniacs in yankee caps
Who get to know the neighbours every time they tip the ladle back
Ragtag cats and canines
Who catch phat tags on the fabric of space-time
All work no play
Dull boys rotate
Oldboy Ghostface Tolstoy Coltrane
Throws up coffin nails off the rails
Born bathed in a tornado of claws and tails
Got skulls on his sails
Cobras on the pleather
Salt-and-pepper soldiers barely holding it together
But supposedly awoke and down to mobilize whenever
You’re pretty much a Gomer Pyle to pester remember
I’m Pop-O-Matic trouble
I’mma commandeer the goulash under hockey-hair
Zoom off on a blue ox through the blog-o-sphere
With poppies for your mama bear
Carrots for the Vitamix

Kibble for the puppy something bloody for the firepit
Nevermind the appetizer writhing in the the spider web
Stare into it long enough you biters just might find yourselves
Tea with the dark side
Slimer on speed-dial
Sleep on a couch or a street or a leaf pile
Our kind cannot be redeemed
I’m a cancer on the glamour I can’t with the “me me me”
No anesthesia surgeon with the signal jammers dribbling the feed
Distributing the panacea free
All day
There is no amount of Our Fathers
That could remedy the black dog breathing down his collar
Me casa like I’m Oscar hot and poppin’ out a flipped lid
Eyepatch Prince wig
Disappearing grid blip
Stiff lip sure to s**t-talk a centurion
Tsk-tsk I don’t really wiggle with invertebrates
Purp in the thurible offsides toss thine merch in the urinal
It’s nothing personal
Dirtbag don don’t provoke him to act up
I’m golden doing doughnuts in the Totoro cat-bus
Everything I touch turn to black sludge
Bugs in the bag lunch punch through a Mack truck
Hunchback get y’all acquainted with the contagion
Nobody safe say hello to well beyond containment
I came for every cell between the belfry and the basement
You maybe wanna telephone your favorites
We take it where the warlocks lock horns
Soda pop popcorn
Top notch gore set to Bach over foghorns
Snotty nose clogged pores fork in his heart
Back away or catch a halo made of orbiting stars
Transform in the dark
Got a dog nose sniffing out the source of the snark
Got a cat’s ears twitching every snap of a twig
Triangulate your position a simple rabbit to skin
I been an echo in the dark who demo applied science
At the parlay barf rainbows and cry diamonds
Okay ready Freddy headlong into creeping death
Respawn where you least expect
I could pick a pin and tumbler right in front of the guard
Out the front with another Picasso under his arm
Hit the city limit still exhibiting his inner Caulfield baby
I’m H E double hockey sticks on wheels
New dawn show him how the voodoo feels
Plus launch fireballs from the palm heels
On an otherwise slow day
This is how I row into the rogue waveee

Rogue wave