Sauce like this – Smokepurpp lyrics

Lyrics Sauce like this – Smokepurpp

Sauce like this lyrics
He can’t sauce like this (x6)
When I used to go to school, b***h I never had a pencil
So I said f**k school, gave myself early dismissal
Let that n***a run up on me, I’ma blow him like a whistle
And your baby come right up, b***h I’m known to keep a missile
I said eighteen years old, gave myself early dismissal
Nineteen years old, bought my Rollie presidential
B***h my niggas been official
If the police come around, shh don’t speak to officials
I’m at your door, kickin’ that b***h and I knock it like dominos
Fuckin’ your hoe, that b***h OK but I need me like five of those
I keep a gun, and on my niggas you know we extended those
N***a talk s**t, gun him like TerRio’s

He can’t sauce like this (x12)
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Sauce like this - Smokepurpp
Sauce like this - Smokepurpp