Say cheese – Teejayx6 lyrics

Lyrics Say cheese – Teejayx6

Say cheese lyrics
I took a p***y n***a’s s**t and made him say please
I’m tryna blow up and get my videos on SayCheese
How it’s lookin’ I should be rich by 18
Everybody with me strapped you gon get targeted with eight beams
New season Gucci sneakers cost me 8 fleas
Unc can’t even stop the spot traffic it’s bout eight fiends
You might’ve got a jugg paid but you ain’t me
We just hot boxed the whole whip I can’t see
I don’t ride around ..
Unc whipped the watch out the pot he got an AP
Had my dog pull up shootin’ like he KFree
Don’t call me talkin’ bout you want ten grams then only cop 3
I’m bout to hit up .. and cop a new piece
If there ain’t no bad h**s on the west I’m bout to move east
I’m in the club with my strap who gon move me?
I feel disrespected you told me roll my weed in a new leaf
I really live the band life like that n***a ..
I’m blowing on the .. this s**t kinda fruity
Got on Mike Amiri jeans and my shirt is Louis
I already did it 50 times so I can’t have the Gucciii

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