Scott s plan – Scotty Sire lyrics

Lyrics Scott s plan – Scotty Sire

I posted my first vlog in the year 2016
Trying to be in David’s was a struggle for me
Started with my boys, shout to Toddy, Zane and Heath
Don’t make me a clickbait no one wants to watch me.
(Scotty Sire – Scott s plan)

Here we go
Once again
Scotty’s back, so tell your friends
Loathing and hating and self-depricating
I’m always complaining and saying the same things
So trust me I know this s**t gets old
No one likes someone who bitches and moans and so.

Scott s plan, Scott’s plan.

Zero fashion
No reaction
Opposite of the main attraction
Monotone and lack in passion
I’m not direct I’m very passive.

Wake up on the wrong side of the bed everyday
Carpe diem, baby
I still seize it anyway
Don’t be silly, Elton
Yeah, of course I’m gonna send it
I rap my own lyrics
I’m so dumb I still forget them
But it doesn’t matter if I do worse than intended
Mess up something big and they’ll still love me.

Making these songs every one is a hit
Find me in the lab with my boy 80Fitz
Never catch me call a woman a b***h
Respecting the s**t out of p***y and tits
Oh boy.

Every single day trying to take a risk
Is a little harder for a pessimist
Don’t mean to contradict
I’m not confident
But I know that I’m the s**t
Ah, aye, aye, aye aye aye aye
Remember your vowels, kids, aye.

David posted these vlogs and I’m in them only partly
Everybody comments saying s**t like “too much Scotty”
Three words
I got it tatted on my homie
Thirteen letters on my buddy Toddy
I think I mean more than anyone else
So how to be happy and pleased with myself
But, I’m gonna switch things up a little bit.

Gonna try
Waking up in the morning on the right side
Seize in the day and the nighttime
Searching for the joy in the sad life
If I do something wrong Imma make it right
Ride or die and I don’t want to die
So away, bye-bye to the sad guy
And a bye-bye
My new life motto
When life gives you lemons pretend it’s a
Upset is a mindset
I know that all that I have
And all that I’ll get is a gift
And I can’t forget the reason I’m here
I know that I affect all those around me
And I’d rather be smiling inside
Rather be taking my time
Rather be living like.

No one can get in my way
When I’m moving they set me
I know when I’m slowly improving
And life is too good to be stuck in a loop
And I’m thankful for all that I have, aye.

Still drink a Jack on the rocks, aye
Still overthinking a lot, aye
Still feel alone when I’m not, aye
But this is the life that I got, aye.

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Scott s plan - Scotty Sire
Scott s plan - Scotty Sire

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