Seconds later freestyle – 9LOKKNINE lyrics

Lyrics Seconds later freestyle – 9LOKKNINE

Seconds later freestyle lyrics
Woodley on the beat
I got a fat a*s .. just smoking right now
Full of that gas full of that gas

Keep me out yo’ mentions
If it’s beef then put the patty on the biscuit
Ain’t go to college but I got far from my tuition
And all these niggas stealing my flows jitts my children (wait)
Damn wait I got children I had to snap back to my senses (oh yuh oh yuh)
Flawless gang got me grilling from the dentist (bling blaow)
I had her on my knees but know she ain’t repenting
We catch a b***h right by the .. then we send it (come here)
You got no g-pad .. got my brother sentenced
He went to court them crackers hollering apprehend him (they took my niggas)
She wanna f**k ’cause I’m a seven-figure n***a
Man that hoe can’t get a .. but Imma grill her
.. got beams in every color he got skittles (oh yuh oh yuh)
She wanna Porsche so I done hit her with the rental
The way she threw that a*s back it broke my fender (she wrecked the car)
These niggas undercover brothers what’s they gender (like who you are)
I want that sour b***h she musky and she bitter
But she devour d**k esophagus and liver (oh yuh oh yuh)
The way them 762s hit ’em ripped the tissue
I feel like tim ’cause now I’m dunkin’ off my dribble
I f**k with schooly b***h but don’t call me no riddle
Oh I could be yo’ Winnie the Pooh you be my Tigger
She want a 4 for 4 I told her hold this dinner (oh yeah this dinner)
I got that package off that low came from my n***a
You better not lack at all you lack then you remember (you be remembered)
I know lil huncho and OD born in September (’cause them my niggas)
I bet we feasting on another meal in November
And grab yo’ coat ’cause it get chilly in December (oh yuh oh yuh)
Don’t hopscotch take a step you’ll be a victim (come on come on)
The cops out the blocks hot we had to hit ’em (we gotta go)
I rock out I got my .. (oh rock out n***a)
And I know if I ain’t have all this money you wouldn’t be tender (swear)
I know who you is throw you off say you look familiar
The way we roll a n***a block we some armadillos (oh yuh oh yuh)
And they some caterpillars
He got a hundred thugging in the rental (I swear)
I sent my sliders just to slide and they spin like some spinners (come on)
He fell deep off in that water he sprayed ’em then drift ’em (oh yeah he drowning)
He tried to creep around the back that s**t ..
And Imma pick up where you lack momma raised a lil winner (come on)
That Mercy baby out the drive now it’s fur and chinchillas (blaat!)

I don’t even know what the f**k chinchillas is my manager told me though
Imma be in that s**t sauce niggaaa

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