Serve n protect – Dax lyrics

Lyrics Serve n protect – Dax

Serve n protect lyrics
See every move that I make is in silence
I be killing all these beats but I do not condone violence
Brought the old school back I went started a riot
I’m main stream with the look so I took off like a pilot
Mumble rap is the diet
Pronouncing words you should try it
I’m going David on you niggas like you f*****g Goliath
Man this s**t is a crisis
I got it down to a science
Rap dead Dax ’bout to revive it
F**k a*s niggas

I told them niggas I would make it ya I was a snitch
Niggas didn’t believe they died young no roddy rich
Now they looking sprung when I be pulling off the lot wit it
A two door coup peep the roof how it drop and s**t
On my 2Pac and s**t
Complex god with it
Rose him from the dead this is the f*****g tupacolypse
I eint cocky I’m just confident
I young dro the beat the way I’m leaning while my rocking it
You know they ain’t no stopping
That’s popostrous
I’m head above you niggas like a motherfucking Osterich
On and off and on again
Who the f**k you rocking with
Dax lil n***a
I’m the hottest n***a popping s**t
I can’t be moved, I can’t be stopped
I can’t be bought, I can’t be rocked
I’m hot n***a

Niggas buying views off a motherfucking bot n***a
Rap hoop sing couldn’t put me in box n***a
Watch how I box niggas
Step to me and you get dropped unarmed like a black by a cop n***a
Hot trigga
I done made it off the block
So let me tell y’all niggas who y’all got
I’m young educated black
Dog made it out the trap
Open up the door type but still make a p***y clap
Old school lab rat, handsome Ben Afflack
Murder you on one track then resurrect the body back
Then have ’em make body bag
On fleek
Have you do the makarina while you singing Cardi B
No limit I be winning that’s on f*****g master P
Take yo b***h And bring her back and n***a that’s on me
I’m a dog

I went and got it out the gutter
On my mother and my father and my sisters and my brothers
I don’t do it like no other
When I rap take cover
I’m from Canada
‘Bout a year ago I was a janitor
Was hooping back in college you can tell by the stamina, animal
Eat a beat freak like a cannibal
That’s why my momma always used to call me lil Hannibal, factual
Started rapping n***a was a natural
Clocking 6 figures on a mufuking annual, tactical
Man dthat’s what y’all got
Dax here, I’mma save Hip-Hop
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Serve n protect - Dax
Serve n protect - Dax