Seventeen – Sharon Van Etten lyrics

Lyrics Seventeen – Sharon Van Etten

Seventeen lyrics
I know what you wanna say
I think that you’re all the same
Constantly being led astray
He’s thinking of something you don’t

Downtown harks back
Halfway up the street
I used to be free
I used to be seventeeen
Follow my shadow
Around your corner
I used to be seventeen
Now you’re just like me

Down beneath the ashes and the stone
Sure of what I’ve lived and have known
I see you so uncomfortably alone
I wish I could show you how much you’ve grown

Downtown harks back
I used to be on this street
I used to be seventeeeen
I used to be seventeeeen
Now you’re half shy
Hanging on my block
Sun coming up
Who is my shadow?

I know what you’re gonna be
I know that you’re gonna be
You’re crumbling up just to see
Afraid that you’ll be just like me

Downtown harks back
Halfway through this life
I used to feel free
Was it just a dream?
Now you’re half shy
Think you’re so carefree
But you’re just seventeeen
So much like me
You’re just seventeeeen
You’re just seventeen
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Seventeen - Sharon Van Etten
Seventeen - Sharon Van Etten