She cheated again – Dax lyrics

Lyrics She cheated again – Dax

She cheated again lyrics
To be honest I didn’t even want to make this
I knew the topic I would talk about was frowned upon and heavily debated
Everybody thinks I’m happy but I’m not and this here is my confession
How I let a girl destroy me and then push me to the point of this depression

Ya I’m talking about that do or die
Ya I’m talking bout that suicide
Got all these cars man but who gon’ ride?
Fucked my friend a couple times
Told me all those f*****g lies
So I wrote a song so you could find out how I felt inside
I swear to God I almost shot myself a couple times
I should be dead
So I had a talk with god and he told me I’d be hard so I asked if I could stay and he could take you instead
Remember all the s**t that you was telling me?
How you loved me and wasn’t nobody above me now it’s funny all the s**t that you promised is just a memory
You gave me something to believe in then you broke me into pieces and it’s f*****g with me mentally
And I can’t trust no other b***h because I’m starting to see woman as the enemy
I saw you texting with the dude and it was cool because you told me you and him were just friends
Then I caught you in the bed, let it slide, took you back, and then you went and fucked the same dumb n***a again!
What the f**k b***h? I gave my all to you
There’s a kid that no ones knows about and me and you both know that I’m the father too
That means I am apart of you, you went and broke my heart in two
Then stabbed me in the back and watched me bleed pulled an pulled an audible
How you think this gon’ end?
Cause I been dealing with depression
Social media attention
They expect me to be happy but I’m f*****g depressed
I swear I’m f*****g depressed. All the money in the world don’t mean a thing if you can’t share it with somebody that you love and that you f*****g respect
Do you know how it feels to be awake but all you want to do is go back to sleep?
Because reality suffocating pushing on your chest so all you want to do is go and live your life in ya dreams?
Do you know how it feels when the person that you love doesn’t love you back?
When say the right things but their actions are opposite of everything they tell you everyday to relax?
B***h I would of killed for you!
Man f**k all of this music I’d pass up on a deal for you!
Other niggas tried to f**k, I swear I only saw the real in you!
You cheated twice!
And now I can’t deal with you!
It’s Dax

Dear God
I asked that you give me the strength, to trust again
Please help me relieve this burden from my heart
I know time heals all wounds and some just take longer than others
So I’m going to trust you with this process…

Everybody put your hands up if you can relate
We all been there, this is for you
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She cheated again - Dax
She cheated again - Dax