Six speed – Pouya lyrics

Lyrics Six speed – Pouya

Six speed lyrics
I’m back in a cycle
Feel like a psycho
Feel like I’m Michael yuh
Don’t look at my bread don’t look at my whip
Take a look at my FICO yuh
I’m pacing and thinking of robbing a bank with the homies I hang with
These h**s wanna make it the bank or the banquet
Come hang with the gang get shady
Drunk drive in a Mercedes
.45 on the hip daily
Screaming out “f**k you pay me”
I ain’t patient I got OCD
Feel like I’m not controlling me
Still them h**s gon’ fall for me
P***y that they offer me is often not too luxury
But let me see what that lick read
Triple digits in the six speed
Think I fell in love when that b***h hit me
I might f**k around and bust her down and buy a Bentley
For that b***h while you was f*****g with them lames I made my baby momma rich

Baby play with my d**k not my emotions
Shed so many tears that I could fill an ocean
We was coasting now we roller coasting
Look inside my eyes and feel the pain that you put on me
I just pray to Peep that you don’t leave me lonely
Thousand bitches but they can’t do nothing for me
You my one and only
I know you need some company so come on over
Do you love me do you love exposure?

Aye man Pouya man I got you man
Tell these h**s “shut the f**k up”

Check this pimping gotta watch these women they catfish (They catfish)
And it look like Meech in the club every time I come through tipping (Big Meech)
Drop that bag maybe 2 or 3 that’s if she different (Drop a bag)
Wanna come back I got that sack it look like .. (Back in)
She down to f**k you tryna cup my n***a luck (Aye you trippin’)
This ain’t no robbery but my b***h is stuck up aye (My b***h bad)
She bad as f**k well like what’s in my cup
She the .. pick her up I’m loving the way she suck aye pick me up
She call me Jay (Yeah hoe) I call her bae (Yeah hoe)
We ain’t the Carters but that rock all in your face (It’s the rock)
These bitches thirsty but these h**s ain’t got no taste (Ain’t got no taste)
It’s cuffing season man these h**s finna get replaced any day ayeee

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Six speed - Pouya
Six speed - Pouya