Skyfall – F8L lyrics

Lyrics Skyfall – F8L

Skyfall lyrics
Yeah I feel like Joker sitting in the Batmobile coz I’m boutta make sweet manouvres
I’m so ahead of my time that when I have flashbacks I see the future
I am not even a human so you need to cool it coz I ain’t got no manners
When I pull up on you with the monkey bars Imma go bananas imma go bananas
F**k anybody in my way
I’m boutta innovate you dont wanna imitate
Better be backing up off
Imma be having a ball
When i be packing a wallop in your face everyday
Better see me levitate levitate
Take all the bourbon
Levitate levitate
Then I will burn it
I dont wanna celebrate till I deserve it
Better that way coz I earned it
I cross the t’s and dot the i’s
My prophecy is not a lie
Monopoly is mine and mine in all of these phenomenons
Coz I could be Sadam Osama
Possibly the bomb
Socrates my knowledge up
I’m probably the God of Gods
I’m higher speed like Ramadan
My harmony’s too far to come
My karma needs a lotta fun
You know I’ve been on the grind dawg
I dont need a motherfucking chain to shine on
I’m doing the 10 to 10 and that is 24 x 7 coz i dont really wanna end up in a 9 to 5 dawg
I’m ride or die like Paul Walker
Better call me the king I deliver the whopper
You end up with the red nose like McDonalds
You won’t even get any offers
No star I’m Ursa Major
Like a DJ I turn the table
You a tin man homie I’m Terminator
I tell a vision then I burn the cable like woah
Demolition is my hobby though
When I tell you that I’m boutta blow better know
B***h I’m gon blast
I dont really wanna go back
I remember having no fans
I remember feeling so sad
I remember when they made fun coz I wrote songs on my notepad
I remember thinking I dont wanna live coz my life is so trash it is so trash godamn
But I was wrong coz I know I’m gifted
Never was into a friend circle I was different
Never was into the smoking and drinking
Guess I’m a one in a million
F**k it I’m one in a billion
Everybody better call me the Willy Wonka of music
I’m making hits in my sound factory
I stay fly like Cupid
And I got 2 Devil horns and dark fantasies
21 years with 2020 vision everything clear
My life is a Tarantino movie f**k a Bad and Boujee
Imma make a Mona Lisa in here
I say whatever I want to
My first word was not gugugaga it was F**K YOU
If I get a job I would be a slave and if it makes me upset
I would take a s**t in the main office while I’m keeping my feet on the front desk
You know
You know I’m not a f*****g robot
Cool kids would never like me now they tell me I’m too hot
My ex who cheated on me just told me she misses me
I dont wanna make love I’m busy tryna make history
And thats real so real
Everybody knows I’m so ill
I’m independent so no deal
You’re gonna end up roadkill
Coz I go psycho
My flow is my own
My compilation of conversation is gonna take me to hall of fame
And you jealous
You just jealous of the kid now
If you can’t stand me sit down
If my karma is a b***h Imma make her a bad one
If she say she love me then she got a fatal attraction

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