SMD – Jake Hill lyrics

Lyrics SMD – Jake Hill

SMD lyrics
Covered in mud back broken
Overloaded I’m over it, s**t
I might as well quit
F**k you, b***h I don’t gotta prove s**t
But I’m boutta lose it
Lose it
Lose it
Lose it

Get up out my face ‘fore I crush this s**t
I’m coming up with a grudge I’m in love with it
Never forgot about the ones that have brought me down
You better run ’cause I don’t think you know

What I’ve been through what I’ve turned into
Motherfucker step up I don’t care about you
Take a shot to the top what the f**k you talking ’bout
Bada bada bada bada
Shut your f*****g mouth

Later b***h, now you fucked
There you go, had enough
Got your blood, on my wrist
Punk b***h, suck my d**k
Jake Hill lyrics
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SMD - Jake Hill
SMD - Jake Hill