Smoke break – Ras Kass lyrics Joyner Lucas diss

Lyrics Smoke break – Ras Kass

Smoke break lyrics
They asking me if you bashed Ras well why don’t we ask Joyner
Salute or a fast jab? no need to debate over
Hold up ! missing the context, wasn’t you dissing Lanez?
Can’t play if the games over and Luke can’t train Yodan
I’m in Ausralia 19 hours ahead
Came back from the future to tell you that you’re already dead
Sorry you didn’t make it killed ya self like Loope
Attack on Titan I f**k up some oompaloompas
Stupid as Super Troopers
I school shooter the groupers
I looooove the Smoke, I got more flavors than hookah
Hate to ash my stogey in your plate or burn at the workplace
I’m just taking a smoke break
Warning shot – but even a flare gun is hot
Aimed at your left eyebrow cuz that X marks the spot
But battling’s good for the culture plus it bring out your best
So the answer is YES challenge accepted
I take any trap record and wreck it
I’m not racist; kill any color face with a deathwish
WiFi connected, decadent decades of taking them long range when I set-trip
Lyrically respected on your block like Tetris
No escape – Block that Brexit
Message: Nobody rap like Ras do, clarified
I’d never let it slide, every n***a verified is terrified
Voldemort, he who must not be named
When Prince piss on a peon that’s Purple Rain
T-Pain, I should sing when I’m winning
Litty, that’s just a match that was already finished
Strike once and the flame is diminished
Struck out like nepotism, I just gave son the business
Rasy stupid Lucas
Cut him in half, that’s how you diss Joyner Doofus
NWA ruthless
Blue Balenciagas stab cupid with my toothpick
I’m nothin’ to f**k with on some WU s**t
JR Smith you the wrong n***a to hoop with
He up and coming so this makes me sick
I’m grown, you a newborn but that’s a baby d**k
I’m packing 12 inches 12 inch vinyls
Ghetto whitenoise, a dozen albinos

Wasn’t sure if you was trolling or not
Either way, it’s all love bro
That’s what makes this rap s**t exciting
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Smoke break - Ras Kass
Smoke break - Ras Kass