Sorry about the carpet – Agar Agar lyrics

Lyrics Sorry about the carpet – Agar Agar

But we don’t wanna see the eyes there
Stranger slapped a dog that fades into the heck.
(Agar Agar – Sorry about the carpet)

Dirty hands washed and washed and washed again

(Sleep/slip ?) oh (sleep/slip ?) little creature until the end

There’s a hole in my sock but I can live with it
And all the cereals to keep me awake
I can recall the moment that I lost all faith
And teared the room and saw lying the ..

What’s wrong with those eggs
I see you are all pale
And it’s ruining the carpet
Yeah it’s ruining the carpet
I said sorry about the carpet
Sorry about the heck
Can I keep the piano
And make you buttered corn

I see their faces, their oignons
They saw the carpet with the egg on it
I’m sorry
I slip and saw the dog
Where there is cooking, a gun
I feel ashamed but who could help me now
Those strangers keep staring at my mess
I see their faces
I see their faces
And I’m about to burst
I need my friend
I know that I should have call
But I lied about you and me
I lied about you and meee. (x3)
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Sorry about the carpet - Agar Agar
Sorry about the carpet - Agar Agar